Another Hobbithole Final

Just another hobbit-hole. It took me around 2 days to put this together. I hope you like it. Please lete me know, if you have some critisms, hints or suggestions... especially for the materials.
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  • Thank you for the details!

    One of these days I'll move on to organic shapes :)

  • Thank you :)

    Maybe the lighting-missmatch comes from the hdr i used and the actual flat background you see, they are different. I hoped this is not that noticeable.

    I used a lot cloud-displacments for the stones with an empty to randomise it, so i had just to dublicate and move it to the right location. This saved a lot of time.

    The fountain was made with curve/array modifiers which also saved time

    Than i used mask-textures to control distribution and lenght of the grass and flowers. (more accurate than weightpainting)

  • Well done. Looks great. ssasham's comments regarding the mismatched lighting are spot on, so to speak.

  • Hi Stefan! This is a cool hobbit hole :) very cute and "hobbit-like". It makes me smile :)

    To my eye there is a slight mismatch between the bright blue background sky - that suggests a sunny afternoon - and a foreground lacking in clear dark shadows, which turns it into a grey, cloudy day at the front.

    Maybe it's just me - haven't had a drop of sun over here for a week now!

    A couple of days is a very fast turnaround for a scene this complex (awesome!) mind sharing any tips with a newbie? ;)