Another Dragon Final

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A tougher looking dragon that I made idk, Open to suggestions or critics, Also if anyone knows how to properly set up a dragon rig, (Like IK for wings) please let me know! I am struggling with setting up the constraints to move naturally and realistically. 
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  • Not sure if it’s possible to animate a dragon’s (or a bat’s, or a butterfly’s) wing by IK alone: its movements are tricky, the tip describing a sine (or a cosine), and the rest sort of following — I wish I could draw a diagram here!😁
    Before I read this question about animating it, I was going to ask whether the beastie was 3D-printable: IMO, it would’ve looked great as a desktop statuette. But if the idea is to make games or movies with it, I’d suggest a bit of glistening to the skin, and some SSS wouldn’t go amiss, either, I think.

    • Cannon Raymond(stickdonkey) author

      Yes the Idea is for it to be game ready, You are completely right some SSS (I have a little bit already but I think to little lol) would make it look alot better. I was hoping ik would be possible for the wings but it seems like it would be harder to animate then manually rotating :(.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    I'm no character artist, but I'd say design-wise the model seems a little broad, meaning there's not enough fine details and shapes. Feels like the same or too similar pattern was stamped all over. But composition-wise it looks great, lovely lively colors, that orange with the green give it a very vibrant look and the lighting is great as well. And nice shiny floor, well done. 🤘

    • Cannon Raymond(stickdonkey) author

      Thanks! I was trying to make my own brushes for the scales which is why they look very similar to eachother lol, I should definitely make alot more varieties and details in the future!