Animation Practice Final

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A bit of animation practice. This sums up my childhood with my brother. Any feedback would be appreciated
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That was cool, great storytelling with simple concepts. There are some principles of animation missing here and there, but I think the most noticeable one is the lack of volume preservation, objects deform very stiff, instead of squashing and stretching. As you watch the tutorials you'll learn much more and you'll start to introduce those little details that make all the difference when doing animation. You're off to a great start, keep keeping it awesome 🤙

  • I've not taken any animation courses yet, so I'm not the one to explain how to do it nor do I know any correct animation terms (I'm sure someone else can chime in with this bit) - but around 0:27(ish) where the ball hits the box, it stops abruptly. The box jiggles a lil' in its place. But could you add a subtle motion where the ball and the box bounce back a tad? I assume the box would be pretty light in terms of weight if it's empty, so having a heavier object, this being the ball soar into it, it ought to shove it - even just a small amount. Hope this makes sense!

    Otherwise you've done a topnotch job on conveying a sense of comedy and human emotions through objects that would normally be entirely inanimate! EG: 0:05, the box closes it's flaps in a particular way of saying "Nuh-Uh", 0:22 when the box flattens, you can tell it's letting its guard down, and at 0:25 I think the timing and speed of the ball appearing and disappearing shows a good sense of "Oooh now's my chance.

    Great work!