Aftermath Final

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Collaboration piece with @et202
Blender 3.6

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    You guys make things that transmit feelings. What is it about it that feels kinda sad and hopeless about that image. It's almost like a painting. I love the high contrast with the only light source and the building at the back totally covered in darkness and how the front building gets all the sepia tone. The cables on the foreground is a great touch, would've been a great opportunity for some depth of field if what you wanted in focus was the buildings, then let some of the foreground elements to be a bit out of focus. It still looks awesome without it though. I guess the only thing nit picky is the pure white rectangles on the monitors, they are popping out of the render as if made in Photoshop afterwards, feels very dislocated, not integrated at all. Two thumbs up man, awesome job 👍👍