Abandoned SpaceStation Final

For the last CGboost Challenge
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  • anarchymedes yeah my space station aspect was very lacking lol I couldn't really come up with a very good space station design and a story behind it so I just threw together a random "space station" thanks for your suggestion! :)

  • Good to see another shot at photorealism: even the staff picks are all stylised and cartoonish these days. There must be a story behind it: like, get away, you horrible reality, I hate you!😆
    But never mind that.
    On this image, nothing tells me that it’s a space station: it might as well be an aftermath of the WW3, a hundred years down the line. So, shouldn’t the space station be in space? Yes, I remember in Star Wars there are carcasses of destroyers all over Rub-el Hali desert (where The Force Awakens was filmed), but there, there is little doubt as to what they are.