A Simple Carousel Final

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My submission for CG Cookie's "Assemble" course - A simple carousel built almost exclusively using geometry nodes (the horses were modelled with traditional mesh manipulation modelling).

Adjustable Parameters include: Number of rows of horses, overall radius, height, and speed. The speed parameter drives the rotation of the carousel, allowing for smooth circular motion animation.

The node tree is undoubtedly in need of efficiency checks and adjustments to improve performance. There is also a collection of ideas to implement and improve upon for carousel 2.0. However after weeks of learning and experimenting with different ideas, I had to pick a place to call it a day, and am overall happy with the result!

(Further reading/watching included videos by @sanctusart and the "Procedural Pottery" video by CGCookie).

Thanks CG Cookie and Jonathan Lampel for an amazing course!!

*EDIT: This will be my submission to the carousel exercise, and the node tree image will be updated with a higher-res version imminently - I'm just having trouble uploading an image with such high resolution (the tree is massive 😅)

  • Whoa cool!
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  • Amazing Job, all you've done here is very cool, as well as the lighting and rendering, they're especially awesome, very well done project.

  • Adrian

    Top Marks!
    I'm especially impressed with your organization skills in with the GeoNode's.
    Awesome work, well done!

    • John-Michael Allison(jmallisononline) author

      Thanks Adrian I appreciate it! 😁 Aha, the node tree - I definitely could have shaved off a couple hours from the project if I had left it alone once in a while, but it was oddly comforting (like a jigsaw) just moving everything around trying to get it all to fit nicely 😅

  • Jonathan Lampel(jlampel)

    Wow, that looks incredible! You went all out with this one. I'm sure it took ages but it was time well spent. 120 out of 100 from me :)

    • John-Michael Allison(jmallisononline) author

      Thank you Jonathan, that means a lot! It definitely took a while, but I had such a great time with the whole course, problem solving and putting everything together at the end! It was definitely time well enjoyed 😁

  • The full node tree is too big a beast to fit into a single readable image, so I have reorganised it and broken it down into smaller, more manageable images on my page:

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    If this was a test, I'd give it 100 out of 100. Not only do the Geometry Nodes work great, but the render is lovely. The lighting and the depth of field, the shading, the little wooden horse models. Two thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼

    • John-Michael Allison(jmallisononline) author

      Thank you for the kind words Omar, It's really appreciated! I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into the next course already!