A render from the Minimalistic Session Final

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Hey folks! I just finished the minimalistic session, the teaching was so great, loved it.
To honor it, I made a tiny fictive teaser from my last renders. I just can't stop myself to put some editing and sound design everytime haha.
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  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    Woudiou these are so good!! It's like these sessions were made for you.

    I'm going to send you an email about being featured in the 2024 student reel.

    • Matéo Court(Woudiou) author

      Hi Kent,

      Sorry for my late response, this is such a pleasure to have my work complimented by the one who made it possible.
      It would be an honor to be featured in the showreel, feel free to contact me!
      Also, keep doing what's you're doing, it means a lot for other folks like me. <3


  • Really Great renders!!
    Gave my the urge try sessions myself...

  • Nice way of tying the sessions together. Love the dramatic vibe with that music.

    • Matéo Court(Woudiou) author

      Thanks ! I always try to add a "little something else" to feel the project mine

  • Adrian

    That is an awesome sequence of sessions.
    Beautiful work Matéo
    Staff picked 🏆

    • Matéo Court(Woudiou) author

      You made my day !
      I'm definitely encouraged to jump on the next course!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Wow great video collage man, filled with lovely renders, editing and music works great. Cool idea putting all the Sessions pieces in one place 🤘🏼

    • Matéo Court(Woudiou) author

      So pleased to hear it, tjanks! Can't wait to jump into the Macro Session now :)