2020 Noob Projects for fun Work In Progress

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Rummaging around an older drive and found some beginning work in Blender from 2020. 😆Thought I'd post as they will never see the light of day and thought it would be funny to see. 😁

I wasn't able to have a consistent go at Blender due to health issues that kept me away from the computer for months at a time, so I had to refresh and relearn due to forgetting things, like I am doing again with CG Cookie.

The first pic is a character and scene I had an idea on but didn't know how to finish. Complete noob to Blender. I actually had other models with the bowling ball character and was working on the whole character for many a story I had in mind.

The pic on the wall is him and his wife with the Pacer. The wife is a bowling pin and pregnant, lol.

He was at his computer when all of the sudden a ship chasing many little ships crashed through the computer monitor. The little ships are heading for the globe for refuge while the larger ship was picking them off. The top most ship shows the laser blast hitting their force shield. The big ship even took out the ESC key on the keyboard as there is no escape. lol

The next 3 pics is a Grease Pencil challenge. This was from a Blender course I was taking on Udemy back in early 2020. Most of the early work stems from this course.

Basically a grease pencil challenge from instructor Mike Bridges of at the time, is the guy shown on the monitor in the first scene. The lamp is challenged to fight the dinosaur at the window so he hops on a hover board and launches himself out the window with books and binders he arranged as a rap and toilet paper rolls as a cushion if he didn't make it. That's when the toilet paper craze was on during covid scare. The first scene shows Mike announcing the challenge and subsequent screen of a girl crying in terror as the lamp launches out at full speed. lol, it brings back some fun memories and how much I didn't and still don't know.'

Oh well, I thought it would be good for a laugh anyway. 😁

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's great to have early work to compare to once you start to level up and become a master. At this point you may not have the technical knowledge but there's creative insight in this early pieces which is cool. Keep on going man 🤙