1880s Eastlake-Style American House Work In Progress

This is a project I started in mid-Summer 2021, just as something to give me an opportunity to constantly add to it, and work on my modeling skills, and for high>low poly baking. I'm also using it as an excuse to build more assets for future projects, like vegetation, furniture, and eventually sculpting/rigging human characters. To start, I'm modeling the house structure. Although it's unnecessary detail (if it were a game asset) I thought it'd be fun to model it as it would have been constructed in the 1880s; as a balloon frame structure with long timber pieces, plaster/lath walls and tin roof tiles. I may use that in the future to animate the construction of a house. Maybe. Mostly, I'm just doing this project to learn and get better at modeling and other aspects of Blender.
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  • xapno I very much like all the details you created for this model 😀! Excellent work 👍!

  • Incidentally, those roof tiles added a ridiculous amount of tris, not to mention I put a solidify modifier on it. Haha. But the idea is just to later bake all those onto a simple plane for the roof (and the brick chimney), and I'll use the curvature, AO and other maps in substance painter to get the details. I did the same for all the floors, as well.. measuring the dimensions correctly and placing floor boards in a pattern so I can just bake that to a plane for a floor. So far, I've found it hard to resize procedural brick and wood textures to the right size, so I figured the final textures would look better if I just baked the properly proportioned objects. Lots of extra modeling, but I don't mind.

  • @adrian2301 Here's an interesting pic with the style of shingles I modeled, mixed with a scalloped style shingle.

    Maybe a small bit of rust and paint flaking would help on those tiles, as well. :D

  • @adrian2301 Thanks Adrian. Yeah, agreed about the tiles. Same for the bricks, too. Once I get to the texturing stage, I'll be able to fix the tiling look. Apparently, roof tiles like these came painted red or grey/silver to prevent rust (or green, at an additional charge!). I'm not sure I like any of those color choices, but I'll try to stick with period accuracy, so I may go with the basic red. Maybe introduce a little bit of edge wear or staining in spots.

  • This is awesome,
    So much intricate detail.
    The roof tiles all look identical at this stage, but randomizing the color slightly in the texturing stage should help.
    Keep going with this project, I can't wait to see the final.