News from CG Cookie: Animating, modeling course and Kent's HUMAN Blender portrait is coming

Jul 13th 2021

Summer is upon us and there's no slowing down for us.

The CG Cookie crew - Jonathan Lampel, Wayne Dixon, Kent Trammell, and all the others who make them lattes and make sure their trailers are spotless - are in summer mode, which basically means...Blender business as usual!

For several years now, CG Cookie runs a 4-days-per-week operation (yes, that's a 3 day weekend) 

This means we get to show up as our best selves for 4 days, then unwind and spend quality time with the family, pets, favorite recipes, or Netflix shows.

Every CG Cookie crew member on Monday - Thursday, at any given moment

💡  Did you know? The CG Cookie Employee Handbook is public and you're welcome to take a peek.

During our 4 working days, we are productive...and here are the receipts.

In July, Wayne Dixon dropped his animation cycle course

Behold! Melvin, in full speed.

Somebody said he is running from learning geometry nodes...

Either way, in Wayne's newest course, you get to animate a full run cycle.

Give it a test run? Just no tripping, please...

Coming in August: Pothead goes 3d

Who is Pothead?

In CG Cookie mythology, Pothead is one of the classic characters from the pen of our OG concept artist, the great Tim von Rueden.

For the first time ever, Pothead is stepping into the 3d realm, courtesy of Jonathan Lampel.

In this new project-based course, you will learn some of Jonathan's top tricks.

"I chose Pothead because he has an exciting mixture of basic, hard-surface shapes, and organic ones," he says.

Transforming Pothead into 3d is full of challenges

Jonathan explains: "At first, I spent too much time waffling back and forth on how I should go about the modeling. Straight poly modeling? Sculpting? Booleans? High or low poly? I eventually decided on medium-to-high poly, with a mixture of subdiv and beveling where appropriate."

Jonathan is now working on a high poly version and figure out solutions to the main challenges: the holes and notches on rounded surfaces. 

Expect this Citizen course in the very early days of August.

Kent Trammell's biggest-ever Portrait course is in full production

Kent has been working on this new CG Cookie project intensely for over a year now...and it's safe to say, it's going to be an absolute beast, completely standing on it's own. 

"Human Portraits in Blender" is more than the title suggests.  It's THE definitive guide on creating human likeness in Blender.

Besides teaching the techniques for emulating human features in Blender, Kent really pushes the software to its limits to show the level of realism that is achievable.

Judge for yourself...

Kent is now recording the skin section of the master class material.

This project is expected to be released in November 2021.

While you wait - may we interest you in a friendly challenge? 🚀

Our Blender community is partaking in a space-themed challenge.

The task: model a low poly space station

  • When: now, ends July 30th
  • Why: to challenge yourself!

Join us now at CG Cookie Community Forums.

CubeMob is coming: Fresh Announcement!

That's not all we've been working on...

CG Cookie has long become the go-to site for serious Blender learners who want to follow the 3d rabbit hole pretty far in.

In the course of our 10+ year evolution, we've spawned other projects:

  • Blender Market - an online marketplace for Blender creators
  • Mavenseed - a content platform for independent creators (which will soon host CG Cookie, too)
  • Orange Turbine - a consultancy to help companies use Blender for production

And now... Say hello to CubeMob.Club

They are pumped, they are fun, and they always delete the default cube first.

Who? The CubeMobsters! is our newest project for having fun with Blender, with 52 consumable projects delivered to your inbox throughout the year. 

For Blender enthusiasts who want to create an exciting project, complete it in a few days and move on to the next one - is a fun way to keep on top of your Blender progress and get a fresh batch of motivation every week. Think of it as a Blender digital subscription service. 

Weekly project drops, top Blender community trainers, and fun projects - that's CubeMob.

Made by CG Cookie and coming to the Blenderverse this summer: but you heard about it first.

What are you most excited about?

Lots of new things landing on CG Cookie.

The comment section is below and you know what to do! Got opinions? We want to hear 'em!


Pavla Karon
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