BC2-1803: Week 3 - Production-Friendly Character Models

Live Stream Host: Kent Trammell
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

This event is part of the March 2018 Class, "Creating Stylized Characters with Blender".

This week centers around the strategy of being a character artist. It's not all fun and digital play-dough. Sculpting is one thing; character *modeling* is another thing.

At this point a decision needs to be made about our character sculptures: A) Leave it as a sculpture or B) optimize it for ‘production’. Leaving it as a sculpture means it’s a static sculpture that can be painted, rendered, or 3D printed but not animated. Optimizing it for production means you turn your sculpture into a model that’s easiest to work with up to and including animation. If you opt for optimization, this week is mostly a technical and problem-solving task. We need to both retopologize our mesh and also neutralize it if the sculpt is posed.