• Piotr Brzostyński(brzostek)

    It's from IKEA? Oh man I know what I'm doing this weekend

  • William Miller(williamatics)

    I want to do a lot of things. I'm going to start an insect collection.

  • Prashan Subasinghe(prashan)

    If you had to pick acting or animating. What would you pick?

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    That was hard to understand... accents

  • Aaron Rudderham(thecabbagedetective)


  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)


  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    They are good adds, good work from the creative director

  • Piotr Brzostyński(brzostek)

    Real life knee pops are the worst though

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    All my real life keyframes are auto-bezier

  • Jake Korosi(jakeblended)

    Yeah they should've turned off auto-keyframing

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Did you know Wayne Dixon is a professional actor in addition to being a professional animator? Who better to teach an "Acting for Animators" course! Today we're talking with Wayne about his acting career, acting and animation in general, as well as what to expect from his new course.

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