• p

    Thanks Kent! Is the class going to be up for next month? Thinking about doing it again.

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    I bet you feel the itch to make a recorded tutorial on this topic, no time restrictions, no being On Live stress

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    Leave the apples on the desk

  • Thibaut Bourbon(tbrbn)

    great tips, thanks Kent!

  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    So long as someone learns something :) I look forward to your homework submissions.

  • Jere Haapaharju(swikni)

    Thanks for the stream Kent. Have fun arch vizing everybody!

  • Pavel Mazanik(nekronavt)

    Thank you for the stream and see ya'll in forum threads

  • Dragonice (dragonice69)

    going back to my mom but "I'll be back"... :D

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel)

    This homework is going to be a challenge

  • c
    Wilco Wilbrink(carrotnl)

    Thanks Kent. Learned some stuff here.

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This event is part of the October 2018 Class, "Shading & Lighting with Blender"

Architectural Visualization (Arch Viz) rendering is often a coveted skillset among lighting enthusiasts. This week we're looking at lighting for realism, featuring natural outdoor light from windows and artificial light from light fixtures. We'll also explore the necessary materials for our interior.


Materials Rendering