• Software:Blender 2.80  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

It's time to texture paint our treasure chest! Goodbye, boring color - hello, life-like textures. We will also influence material properties to make our metal reflect light and make the wood appear dull. 

We will keep it simple by painting one global color map. 

But wait...what's a map? And what are textures? Don't worry, we will go over all the terminology together, step by step.

Essential Techniques for all your Future Blender Projects

This simple, stylized treasure chest is a lot of fun to create! But understand that it's only a means to an end. The best part about this project is that it teaches you all the essential techniques and workflows for creating anything with Blender. After this course, you can apply what you learn here to endless Blender projects.

Tip: As you progress through the course. Think about how the methods can be applied to other projects. When you're done with your treasure chest, you will be equipped to tackle any object that's in your head.