Wrangler Character Concept Art

Guest Instructor

Creating a Character in a Stylized Art Style

This course goes through each individual aspect of creating a character concept art piece. We will take you through why we are using certain tools and how to use them effectively, from working with the chalk brush to selecting the colors. We start by breaking it down into a simple way to sketch, color, and detail a character. The style is more of an animated, storybook look taking inspiration from our first iOS game, Eat Sheep. This farm wrangler would be considered a "bad guy" and we go through how to add elements that parallel his personality and what his role in the game is. 

I ONLY use the chalk brush for creating the entire character and is one of our basic brushes you can download for free on our resources page. (download digital brushes) or in this project's download folder. Hope you guys have as much fun watching these tutorials as I had making them and possibly learn something new you can apply to your own character concept art! 



Song Used in Intro - "Inspired

Awarded upon completion:
100xp +
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