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Downloadable Digital Brush Packs

It's important to know that the brushes do NOT make the artist, the ARTIST makes the brushes. So with that set in place, there are so many artists that create their entire pieces with just the basic hard-edge round brush or a chalk brush. Become comfortable with adapting to new brushes but don't feel that you have to use 50+ brushes with every new piece. Find a few that work for you and become masters of them!

The Basic and Citizen Brushes

There are two brush packs that are available for download. The basic are your "go-to" brushes. In my opinion, these are the ones you should be working with most, especially when laying down your foundations of a piece.  Most tutorials/livestreams I try to use the basic Hard Edge or the Chalk Brush to showcase how you don't need fancy brushes, but the fancy ones can be very effective at saving time and created detailed patterns/textures that would take much longer with just a basic brush.

  1. Basic Brush Pack: These can be used in most scenarios and these are some you should become comfortable with!
  2. Citizen Brush Pack: The brushes included within this pack are your fancy brushes that are best for certain scenarios like braids, metallics, zippers, foliage, stitches, fences, and so on! These can save you time and effort when creating your work. 

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