Interior Architectural Vizualization

3D can be implemented in a variety of ways. Architecture in Blender is one of the most common executions and a frequent reason people learn blender and blender animations. Interior architectural visualization is an ideal use of 3D rendering; it can help portray exactly what an interior could look like after being built without anyone ever setting foot in the space or picking up a tool.

Through this blender tutorial, Jonathan Williamson will give you a complete run-through on how to create an interior architectural visualization completely within Blender. We'll be making use of blender textures, going through blender basics, how to make a 3d model and uv unwrapping it, blender materials and covering topics such as modeling, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing, and post processing.

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  • Keswick Chow(kchow) ·

    Just finished the course.  The course is well structured and some of the content concept are still relevance.  The instructor explained well.  However, the course uses Blender v2.62 which made hand on exercise difficult to follow since interfaces was changed.  Since there are so few Arch Viz courses in the library.  I wish this course can be revised to the latest Blender version 3.3 onward and uses features that were not available in v2.62. For example, collections instead of groups, volumetric lighting in Cycle etc.  Overall, thanks for the course.  I still learn a lot in the content.