Green Screen Compositing

Guest Instructor

Blockbuster movies, video games and news reports wouldn’t be the same today without the use of green-screen. Also known as Chroma key compositing or Chroma keying, this technique allows people and objects to be placed in any setting by replacing their real background. In this Green-screen Compositing course, Richard van der Oost takes a look at how you can apply this technique by making actors appear as if they were inside a 3D Blender environment - when, in fact, they are actually sitting in front of a green-screen. The course consists of 7 lessons which will take you through the process step by step and show you how to recreate a green-screen composition of your own.

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2 Reviews
  • Gatis Pastars(Gatis) ·

    Love the course! Learned a lot! Thanks for that! This course is actually the reason why I joined CG Cookie. As for developing feedback I can say, that at some points it felt like teacher is working without a plan in mind and that`s where some mistakes, excuses for mistakes or uncertainty appeared. For me, as a guy who`s been watching hundreds of video tutorials (prepared on different levels), it little bit disturbs me, however, it`s just my opinion and may not be an issue for other students. Thanks for course and let`s make some awesome stuff!

  • Martin Aversa(cgtin) ·

    Maybe this one got a bit old, the Blender version and the workflow, but it is still nice to see a whole vfx shot get done. Learned a lot!