Creating a Jellyfish

Kent Trammell

Create a school of underwater jellyfish in Blender using clever modifier and simulation techniques. This course will cover the entire process from cube to render, including modeling, shading, lighting, and compositing. 

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Awarded upon completion:
100xp +
Course Curriculum
2 Reviews
  • Brad Wheeler(brad-nbo) ·

    It's like PB & J, Proficient Blender training in Jellyfish creation, a rather difficult and daunting task that Kent makes fairly easy with the techniques he teaches. I had no idea how to tackle the task of modeling a jellyfish. I am very pleased with the instructions in this mini course, the techniques will be useful in other Blender projects, for sure.

    I found it fairly comfortable and easy to work in Blender 3.3.7, while Kent was using a pre 2.8 version I believe. It really wasn't that much of a stretch to follow along. I did have a glitch with the hair particles but that proved to be a Disk Cache setting I just need to click and voila, worked like a charm. The instructors who answer questions are very helpful as well making the entire learning experience one I would highly recommend and do frequently on FaceBook where I post my work.

    Thanks again Kent, keep up the good work

  • Martin Aversa(cgtin) ·

    First time using lattice, and the modelling was so smart! 10/10