Mobile 2D Space Shooter

Learn how to build mobile controls for a 2D Space Shooter game
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Shoot Asteroids on your Phone!

In this mobile course we'll learn how to convert our popular 2D Space Shooter  into a mobile friendly game. This is a beginner introduction to building mobile controls for your game. The 2D Space Shooter is a great game to start off with since it's quite simple and great for performance due to it's 2D nature. You'll learn how to:

  • Design UI controls in Photoshop
  • Create platform specific methods
  • Convert an existing game to mobile controls
  • Script a stand alone joystick for all your mobile games
  • Build and deploy your game for iOS and Android

If you've ever wanted to learn how to build mobile controls for your game, then this course is a great start to learning how to control movements with a virtual joystick and UI based buttons. Take your space adventures on the go, lets get started!