Developing a Tower Defense Game

Developing a Tower Defense Game

Learn how to build a complete tower defense game in Unity using 3d models, C# and UI elements


Find out what you'll learn in this course


Get started with project files and a brief introduction to Tower Defense games

Building the Towers

Build the towers (turrets) to defend your base against the enemy

Building the Enemies

Build the enemies that will invade your base

Adding UI, Waves and a Game Over Sequence

Learn how to add buttons, text and images that players will use

Adding Menus, Logos and Final Build

Add a main menu and logo to your game before publishing it

Tower Defense Exercises

Think you have what it takes to build a tower defense game? Get started with these exercises

What You’ll Learn

In this course you’ll learn how to build a scifi tower defense game in Unity. This course will include a series of 3d game assets, audio clips, scripts and 2D elements to build a tower defense game from start to finish including a main menu, splash screen and final build of the game. This is an intermediate course and aimed at those who have a basic understanding of C# and Unity.


The game you’ll be building is called Portalethium and is our take on a tower defense game. This will involve 3 enemies and 3 “towers” which will be turrets that fire on the enemies. The enemies will be spawning in via a portal and trying to get into your portal. Your goal is to defend your portal by placing down turrets that will attack the enemies. This will be a “wave based” game that will end when the friendly portal has been destroyed.

Here are a few things you will learn in this course:

  • Building Enemy and Weapon prefabs
  • Creating UI buttons with animations
  • Spawning enemy waves
  • Adding enemy health rings
  • Utilizing arrays to store groups of game objects
  • Using a pathfinding system for ground enemies
  • Creating a waypoint system for flying enemies
  • Adding a main menu to your game
  • Using a custom logo splash screen

By the end of this course you’ll have a fully playable tower defense game that you can publish.

Play Portalethium from your browser!

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Continued Learning

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