Stuck in the weight paint of crane

Hey! I'm stuck in the crane rigging project. I'm doing weight paint and everything is working perfectly except clamps. I'm attaching the link to the video. Kindly overview it and guide me. I'll be thankful

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Can't watch that:


  • Shoaib Zahid(Shoaib720 ) replied

    MMartin Bergwerf you need to log in to watch 

  • Wayne Dixon replied

    Hi Shoaib.
    There could be a few reasons the geo is not moving

    • Does the mesh have an armature modifier on it (setup to use the armature in question)?
    • Do the bones have the 'deform' option enabled?
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  • Shoaib Zahid(Shoaib720 ) replied

    Thanks Wayne Dixon. I actually had both of the things, deform and armature. So i just cleared the parenting and started from parenting again and it worked. So, there might be something wrong with parenting. Thanks again for your reply. It means alot for me.

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