The Hardest Part For Me

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The material was the hardest part for me, but every other thing is simple and understandable. i had to just copy the material node since I do not really understand
  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Yeah the shader editor can be quite intimidating for beginners, it's hard to understand. 
    It's one of those things that takes time, practice and gets easier with experience.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    You can watch the Fundamentals of Materials and Shading course to get a much better understanding of the basics, linking up:

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  • Blaine Jensen(Theebline) replied

    As Omar said, the Fundamentals course is great to get up to speed on those. But really, like everything in blender, it just takes some time. When I started the courses I felt like there was a lot I wasn't understanding on the technical end (there still is, im far from experienced). But the more and more courses you do, the more repetition of a lot key elements like shading and geo nodes become easier to understand. Keep it up, you learn more every day!

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  • Kent Trammell replied

    No worries Nedy_Pictures - it's good that you didn't let the materials stop you. Eventually it will click and you'll be like Neo seeing the matrix

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  • Nedy Pictures(Nedy_Pictures) replied
    I just joined and I'm loving the energy here, i woke up this morning and i deleted all the courses i have in my laptop, (Everthing is well arranged here compared to all the gabbage i have been storing in my laptop all these years that i don't even watch) i just need to focus only on cgcookie..  I only completed the Dice Roll Project yet and i'm feeling Like a Beast already Lol. I'm Looking at my renders and it does not look like i made them.. I'm going to really last long here
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