Bevel issue.

@8:30 Kent bevels the top of the arch. He selects the top edge. The bevel opens downward, while the selected edge remains stationary. When I bevel, the bevel opens downward, but the selected edge slides upwards as the bevel opens. 

I cannot spot the difference. Help please.

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Eric,

    Well, what you get is the correct behavior; Kent made a mistake somewhere (and I can't find exactly where) and created the classic 'double Vertices' (I expect he Extruded those Faces twice...) So, if you would pull that Edge down a bit, before Beveling, you'd see something like this (in Kent's model):


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  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    So, probably the easiest thing you can do, is to Move the two Faces back to where they were, before the Extrusion (use Vertex Snapping and Local or Normal Orientation). Then Extrude them inward, Bevel and then, optionally, Merge By Distance.

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  • Eric Szabo(Eric) replied

    thaaaaaaaanks Martin!

    1: I really like the "double vert/edge" move! 

    2: I was doing some intense pattern-matching with the video, and getting nowhere! "Man...what am I missing???"

    Eric the Relieved

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