Help With Broken Bounce

I was following along until about the 12 minute mark in the video when I noticed my first bounce was too close together. I have tried different ways to adjust it but every thing I do breaks the animation elsewhere. Is this fixable or will I have to scrap it?

  • Wayne Dixon replied

    Everything is fixable Julian.

    From your image, it looks like you can grab the X loc keys in the graph editor and drag them downwards.
    give make sure you grab all the points after that specific point and move them together. (and just more the X loc keys)

    But animating yourself into holes and then learning to dig your way out is part of the journey too.

    You will learn more ways to manipulate the noodles to do what you want - plus you will also learn how to avoid problems before they happen.

    Good luck - let us know how you go!

  • Julian Cardona(remixcrash) replied

    Thank you, Wayne! I was driving myself crazy trying to fix it, had to step away after posting about it. I was moving the handles with the key points and that's what was messing it up. Greatly appreciate the help!