How did everyone get here?

I want to start off first by saying, I love this community and I love this site. I picked up blender late last year and trying to bounce around from youtube tutorial to youtube tutorial I felt like I was struggling. I was learning the UI but I felt like I was following all the motions but not truly understanding everything (or anything for that matter).

The cookie has been great, following along with tutorials and then actually having a task to do at the end really helps to drive home all the concepts learned in the tutorials.

Anyway, my point with this post was, I want to know how everyone got here. What made you start using blender?

My background: I'm a Red Seal welder by trade, but I started video editing and filming back on Adobe Premiere 6.0, and using Minidv cams. This launched my love for film and digital editing, and my desire to work in the film industry. But alas, I had children and my dream of working in the film industry faded away. But, discovering Blender has really launched that desire to flex my creativity again. I'm glad to be here learning and hopefully helping others at some point once I'm more confident with my skills.

So how did you all get here? Whats your story?


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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Back in 2012 I was looking to leave my awful job and I didn't know what I wanted to do. My cousin was starting in the film industry and he asked me to download a link for him since I had the fastest internet speed, that linked contained Blender and some tutorial. He wanted to learn Blender because it helped him with set visualizations. I downloaded the link for him and he told me I should give the tutorials a watch. I did just that, liked Blender, was blown away by doing 3D stuff, I didn't learn much so I started to scout the internet for further tutorials, saw a couple but they weren't good enough, I was starting to loose motivation and then ran into CG Cookie which had so many good tutorials, I finally felt I was beginning to learn for reals, got a subscription and I've been here since then. Still the best place to learn Blender after all this time 🤘🏻

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  • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) replied

    Here it's an on off story, during college (2006) I tested out 3Dsmax, Rino and maya, but given that youtube wasn't a thing and that I wasn't studying art, but marketing, I quickly gave up as it was all way too complex.  During my career I often wondered what if I had continued then up to a day that I burnt out.  During the recovery I stumbled upon the donut tutorial and it was like it sparked an old fire.  Now I get nervous when i'm not building stuff in Blender and I just love it.  CGcookie has been really helpful to catch up all those years not doing any 3D.   And the CG Cookie community are top people to get to know.  

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  • Sascha Feider(SFE-Viz) replied

    I landed here last year, after dabbling in Blender for a couple of years with interruptions due to hardware. I got my skills to a certain point but struggled to get over the first hump with Youtube tutorials, because I find many of them don't go to the depth of the matter like explaining why something is done. It's more often than not more a "Here's what I did, you can copy it" kind of thing. I was missing the structure in the learning process. Then eventually I dove deeper into some of the Cookie content on YT and decided to sign up here and do some courses. I don't regret it for a second since I finally found the instructions I was looking for and along with that an amazing community. And I just made sure I'll be here for a very long time. :)

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