how could i learn from other blender software? cause i was following a shader book and it was based from the 2.0 version if i remember correctly, and it wasn't able to do the same stuff as before

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  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Jacob,

    I do not really understand your question, sorry.

    Which shader book was that?

    Do you mean it was using Blender 2.0?

    And: " wasn't able to do the same stuff as before." is too vague for me; what wasn't able to do what as when?

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  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Hey Jacob!
    We do have a shader course, Shader Forge.

    It is an older course using older versions of Blender, however it will still teach you the concepts of shaders in Blender transferable to the latest versions.

    You can download any Blender version here to help follow any course.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    The concepts are the same, there is nothing of impact that is different between Blender versions, what changes are button placements and some names here and there, but if anything when Blender versions don't match, is just uncomfortable or annoying more than anything. The keyword is "following", since we tend to follow exactly what is on the screen when we are learning and since Blender updates so much and so fast that there are bound to be differences when we look for a tutorials online, and that is why we get lost and can't seem to achieve the same result. That is why the best practice is to download the same Blender version that is being used on the video, just so we can follow along more easily. But you can learn Blender no matter the Blender version, concepts and core knowledge has never changed, again, it's just button placement and where to look for things in the UI and some name of some setting changed.

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