Looking for some help with Pokeball Decal

Question Materials and Textures

My slow computer is trying my patience, I need an extra pair of eyes to either tell me if the sliders are working or tell me what is wrong.  Could use some advice.

I have finished the Decal Part 1, I have finished all the nodes (I think).  They seemed to have worked at some stage or another.  Took me awhile to short out dirt, I got an odd color (green) to appear, so I changed it to brown. I swear I can't see it now.  Maybe on a better computer someone can test all this out and let me know.  I'd like to know what I can correct before I go any further with Decal video Part II.

Thank you in advance if you're willing.https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/pp1b0mtwo4beyatthgbcf/Pokeball_Catch_decal.blend?rlkey=s40mnhxkhb3o2v5nfydz0fsf9&st=q8kq3d4a&dl=0

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  • Omar Domenech replied
    What I usually do when I'm in those situations, is to make two renders. One with the thing and the other without the thing, then I cycle between the two images and if it really makes any difference. Because when you're computer can't keep up in real time and you can't see the changes on the fly, it's better to rely on actual renders from then on out.
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  • wrongwright replied

    This works for me.  I've applied this in some cases in my Notes app but for different reasons.  In my lag induced stupor, didn't think about this.  Now I have to buckle down and learn me some Fixed Camera rendering skills.  This'll be a two birds with one stone thing as my Rending skills suck.  That and start saving up some money for a new computer.  Ha!

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