Data transfer help


For the life of me I can't figure out what is going wrong.

In the 1st and 2nd image I've selected my necessary faces, set up the data transfer mod and assigned them to a vertex group.

I've set the setting to face corner data, custom normals, projected face etc. And have set the normals to auto smooth at 180 degs.

I've also set the source to a normals obect that is hidden but can be seen in the outliner.

This works for the normals that run with the holes - they look fine.

However it looks horrible from the front.

Is it to do with the six-edge poles that run around? I tried including the boundary loops for support but it ain't doin' nothin'.

Pls halp!

I looked back at the other objects where I have used the data transfer mod and it's perfectly fine, I've cross referenced the settings and they all appear to be the same. But I must be missing something?

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  • Harris Clook(Yeehawcowboyletsgo) replied

    PS sorry for the hyperlinks, I wasn't able to directly upload the images via the image insert button 

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  • Harris Clook(Yeehawcowboyletsgo) replied

    It's also been a long day at work so my brain might just not be wired correctly at the mo'

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  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    HI Harris,

    I blame it on the long day.

    The Data Transfer Modifier changes the Normals, not the Faces.

    A Cube with Smooth Shading, interpolates the Face Normals, but it still has only 6 Faces and from the top, it looks like this:


    The same with your model, that is something like this:


    Manipulating Normals, doesn't change the geometry.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Yeah, as Martin says, the data transfer is not for the mesh in itself, it's only to cheat with how the normals show the shading. In case you have s bumpy surface here and there, get those small tweaks in, but if it's something to do with the geometry itself, then you have to start pulling and pushing vertices.

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