Wait for RIG, or watch this first?

Hi there,

I was undecided between tackling Fundamentals of Rigging or Animation Bootcamp next. I ended up choosing this one, but noticed now (when trying to figure out the changes in the interface through the previously asked questions) that there is a new rigging course coming sometime this month. 

The question is: are they going to fundamentally cover the same? Or is this going to be more or less the difference between the Fundamentals of Mesh Modeling vs Mesh Modeling Bootcamp? One going more about the concepts, the other with refresh on concepts plus hands on projects?

I know that it would never be wasted time to watch both, but since it is so shortly coming up, and I am also interested in the animation course, would you wait?

Thank you as always!

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  • Wayne Dixon replied

    The new course, RIG, follows on from this one.
    Now is a perfect time to start learning the concepts.

    I have updated a few things in the way I work, but it's clearly explained in the new course.  There's nothing that's show stopper, I'm just trying to be more universal in my teaching.  (eg - I now name things in a very similar way to Rigify to let go of my personal preferences and teach things that are more expandable.  So everyone is speaking the same language rather than teaching my dialect....if that even makes sense.)

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  • Nathi Tappan(nathitappan) replied

    Wow, that was a speedy answer! Thank you! That makes total sense... I'll keep working on this one then. Looking forward to RIG!

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