It would have been really cool to get mini exercises with some of the lessons like macro and micro session. Nathan could have given us some constraints or concept to use to create out own scenes it would have been really fun and getting his feedback would have been helpful

Overall this was really fun to watch and follow along and learned so many cool stuff and finally geometry node in a way that I can utilize

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  • wrongwright replied

    I like this idea.  I can appreciate all the time it takes to produce all the videos online but why not produce something a lot smaller? Something like worksheets (exercises) (techniques) for better lack of a name.  Each can be geared to the different facets, disciplines of Modeling, Topology, edge and box modeling, etc.  All things to create a stronger foundation of knowledge.  It wouldn't take a long, detailed script, many just small intro.  Faster and easier to produce I would think as well.

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  • Nathan Duck replied

    not a bad idea at all

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  • Blaine Jensen(Theebline) replied

    I absolutely agree. Loved the course but wish I had some exercises for submission.

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