One of my favorite lines, "I know from rehearsal..."

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I just want to say, I love when Kent says this. 

The guy practices to get it right. The guy makes errors as he goes. He obviously a good designer. These things aren't mutually exclusive. He didn't plop down in front of the camera and casually bang out an awesome session on his first try. Instead, he's constantly making adjustments and discoveries along the way. He admits that effort went in to its development.

It takes a level of self-awareness and humility to toss in a phrase like this. And as a learner, it's a subtle reminder that even an expert in putting in the reps. By extension, maybe the gap between where I am in my journey and where I hope to be isn't quite as insurmountable as I think.

Back at it,


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  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Hey EEric 
    Many tutorials you see aren't a true reality of 3d modeling.

    Many 'YT' tutorials in particular are rehearsed and edited extensively making 3d modeling look so easy and often on a second screen a finished version that they are just coping, showing only the 'How' and none of the 'Why'.
    The reality is it takes loads of patience and practice, and there is a lot of problem solving involved in the process and should be included in all tutorials worth their salt in my opinion.

    With great experience comes greater knowledge, helping the decision process when problem solving.

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  • Sascha Feider(SFE-Viz) replied

    Couldn't agree more with all that's been said here. It's what make CG Cookie worth the price of admission in my books. Good tutorials that explain the how and more so the why are hard to find on YT, though there are some out there. Guess it's up to the audience there to push the right ones. Haven't had that problem on Cookie yet and don't expect to ever run into it.

    Nothing wrong with rehearsing the videos, I find it helps the flow of the video, but that shouldn't take away from the explanations. I assume many shy away from the length of a video that goes along with detailed explanations.

    Still the worst format to me is "Learn XYZ in 10 minutes", they hold zero value in 99% of the cases. I don't understand why they are so popular.

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  • Kent Trammell replied

    I'm nearly a month late seeing this but, man, it was worth finding. Your kind words mean a lot to me! I'm logging this away in my happy file for the rainy days. Thanks for sharing EEric 🙏

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