Numpad Frustrations

I am working on a mac which means I use a wireless Numpad. I have also experimented with emulate Numpad. They both seem to have the same frustrating habit of cutting out and not working. 

I will press 0 and expect to go into camera view and nothing happens. I press it again several times in a row or select my camera and press it or click into the 3D Viewport. Somewhere along the way one of the presses actually takes me into, or out of, camera view. Again, this happens equally between the Bluetooth numpad and the emulate numpad checked in prefs. Othertimes, it seems to work great and then jumps into frustration mode. 

Any idea what could cause this behavior? 

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  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    So are you saying with emulate numpad enabled in the preferences, pressing the 0 on the top of the keyboard (not numpad) doesn't work?

    It sounds more like a hardware issue the way you describe it than a Blender issue.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    You can also just use the tilde key (the squiggly line above the tab key) to get the pie menu of the same functionality the numpad has:


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  • Dwayne Savage(dillenbata3) replied

    Just to make sure all bases are covered. The mouse cursor has to be in the main area of the 3D Viewport. If it's over another editor or the toolbar or the n-panel(technically called the side bar. Then it won't work. Note: sometimes it will work over toolbar. If this isn't the problem then I'm inclined to agree with Adrian about hardware problem. It could also be another software capturing the keys before blender. That's all I can think of 

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  • dfurlong replied

    dillenbata3 That is my issue. I was not aware, or had forgotten, the mouse cursor had to be in the 3D Viewport, I thought it was enough to be clicked into it. 

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