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How to make destruction, like destruction of a dam with water and the flow of liquid from this dam? Is it even possible to animate such kind of things in blender?

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  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Yes it is possible!
    But far beyond the scope of an answer within the forum.

    I suggest learning about physics and simulations in Blender.

    This old course is excellent, fundamentals-of-dynamics. I do strongly advise using the Blender version used in the course though.

    The CGCookie YouTube channel has some cool content too. Like Melt, Let's Make Coffee, Fire and Smoke and How to use Rigid Body Dynamics.

    With GeoNodes and new Simulation Nodes (still in development), new courses will follow once Simulation Nodes are more developed and stable.

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  • thehomme replied

    Of course but you'll need serious skill/knowledge/experience if you want it to look good. Have you seen BlenderGuru's recreation of The Shining with the blood rushing into the hallway? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP-idHLydNQ&ab_channel=BlenderGuru

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    What you're asking for is also very advance stuff, so try to be patience, it's not just a matter of searching for a course and getting perfect results right away. And also it's very technical and challenging for your computer and there can be glitches. So practice a lot and learn a lot, you'll get there in the end with Grit. 

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