I need a guidens to go on with a certain track in my progression

Question Modeling

if there is a certain lesson i shall get let me know please.

a creculim to be really professional in blender, otherwise watching the different tutorials on the internet will not be different than watching many tutorials without any supervision.

Thank you

Please make sure I have not invested my subscription in the wrong area.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    You can track your progress on your dashboard, there is a handy Progress menu along with other great statistics:


    You can also create a polybook here in the forum where you can upload all the renders you got going. You can see your progress that way as well as everyone else.

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  • Becky (HereBeDragons) replied

    If you're unsure how to navigate the various courses, there are a collection of playlists that might interest you. This one in particular covers a lot of great foundational knowledge: https://cgcookie.com/playlists/15-track-the-fundamentals-to-become-a-skilled-blender-artist

    If you are totally new, a course like this might be a good starting point: https://cgcookie.com/courses/blender-basics-an-introduction-to-blender-4-x 

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  • Abdulmunim Alsaeed(Abdulmunim) replied

    Thank you for this tip

    I really appriciated but i am looking for a certain track so i follow up clearly.

    I have watche this course untill the end, it is ammaizing but i need to understand something more about texturing coloring materials, node.. others, but in secuences not randomly. 

    Thank you again.

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  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    AAbdulmunim, you have watched all 7 courses in the playlist Becky shared above?

    To learn and retain the knowledge in any course/tutorial, wherever it is on the internet, you need to practice what you are being taught.
    After each lesson you watch, open up Blender and replicate what you see in the lesson.
    Don't stop there though, take it further, play around with the settings, colors, nodes, etc., etc., that are covered in the lesson.
    Watching and copying isn't enough. Try creating something of your own. It doesn't matter if it turns out terrible.

    Without trying, we never succeed.

    Other courses to follow the fundamentals include Press Start and Pothead.
    These are great projects to help develop further knowledge of the fundamentals (minus animation).

    Four key words when learning any new skill...

    Practice, practice, practice, repeat.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Yeah as Adrian says, it's not enough just watching the tutorials, you have to make something on your own, have some fun, create, do awesome stuff with the tool. As if playing a guitar, you can learn to read all the notes, watch people showing you how the hands and fingers are positioned, but at some point you have to pick a guitar and actually start making some music, producing and enjoying the sounds. 

    I know following the tutorials linearly is better than randomly, but is not that easy, everyone learns in their own way. It's hard to say what linearly is. It will depend on your interest, if it's modeling or texturing, maybe animation, what ever it is the Fundamentals of said discipline should go first, after that you can watch and practice with any course that is about animating. 

    I am a big proponent of starting like a pipeline production, try mastering modeling first, get comfortable with it then move to texturing and shading, then rigging and animation. Again, the fundamental first, after that you can watch any course. 

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  • Abdulmunim Alsaeed(Abdulmunim) replied

    i realy appreciated your efforts trying to explain these stuff, i am realy excited to do so, to get cretive at least you need to have the ability to use this tool... right!? tugh but yet fun, i will try to utlize what i have learn to build something out of these tutorials.

    Thank you all guys for the encuragment.

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