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CG Cookie Site Updates
Wes Burke

Hey everyone,

In the past, we've heard feedback that we (CG Cookie) don't do the best job of communicating what we're working on or what's about to be released.

This is something we're working on as we're about to throttle up on our course production. 

If you're curious about what's coming soon, bookmark and reload this page very few weeks! Thank you for being part of the cookie community and happy Blending! 


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  • Becky (HereBeDragons) replied

    Apologies if this isn't the best place to ask, but is there some place where we can request specific material to be covered? I'm attempting an animated short, so I'm googling a LOT of stuff and there are definitely some gaps CG Cookie could fill! Even articles would be helpful 😁

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  • Wes Burke replied

    HHereBeDragons - Yes, email us at with what you're looking for. 👍

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  • Trent Pecker(Matchbook) replied

    I'm wrapping up on my Cubicity course. I'm making the street I live on for my final. I'm going to submit about 24 new assets to the library. a lot of them are based onreal buildings near me, so I hope they aren't rejected.

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    • Congrats!
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  • Rectangle _(rectangle_) replied

    Would be super interested in the remake of of Snitched patched tutorial by Kent. I don't see much of a tutorial about this out there

    • a classic!
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