Integrating Blender in Production Pipeline (Exporting/Importing)

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Dear CGCookie Community,

I`m a 3D modeller / digital content creator in a small indie film studio which uses Unity. I create my assets almost exclusively with Blender. But there are often cases where I will use Blender to work on source files (FBX / .mb) which are created with Maya or other 3D software. 

Blender uses Z-up, while Unity uses Y up, while Maya uses Y up (AFAIK by default, if not chagned to Z up?). Furthermore, the scales and units of Blender do not match the ones of Unity by default. That all results in a lovely mess, particularly when importing an Asset from Maya, changing it in Blender and then exportin it to Untiy. I have been massively struggling with wrong transforms, messed up bones/rigs, unintendedly changed hierarchies, lost pivot points and all other kinds of unintended behaviour. Add-ons like BetterFBXExporter-Importer and Baya helped, but did not relieve me of that pain as I`m still running into the named issues. 

It would be really helpful if there was a tutorial that adresses this struggles or if there was some content that establishes a 101 of rules to avoid and troubleshoot common issues. Also an in-detail discussion of the Blender FBX export setting would be very helpful.

I am sure other people are having similar pipeline-related issues.

Any help / comments / links are welcome! I hope to finally sort out these struggles..

  • Omar Domenech replied

    That is a good idea for a tutorial. I'll pass it along to the teachers in Discord. They'll probably add it to their to-do list.

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  • Sebastian Weigand(SbstnVRL) replied

    Thanks Omar, that`d be great!

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