Cannot connect vertices with 'J'

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Hi, I can't connect these vertices as shown in the video. After a bevel + shrink, there is a hole appear as shown in this Image. Why it is not the case in the video and how can i fix this?

Source to blender file: game_console

  • Omar Domenech replied

    That is because your face is not connected from somewhere around. One thing you can do to test is select the face and move it around with G. You'll probably see where there's a gap and you'll probably need to select all with A and M merge by distance.

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Yes caokha95 ,

    Omar is right.

    Let me phrase it differently: you have an Edge here connecting the Vertices from top to bottom:


    Delete that Edge with X > Delete > Edges...then you get a hole and you can select the Edge loop surrounding it with ALT Select:


    Fill it with a single Face with F and then you can connect these two Vertices with J:


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  • Cao Kha Nguyen(caokha95) replied

    Thank you all so much. The problem is solved with the solution from Martin :)

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