can everyone gave me a solutions for rendering?

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hello everyone, im begginer on cg journey to become and 3d artist. so i have a little problem that bother me much. so, at home i have a computer that powered by rtx 3070 ti which for gaming is very powerful. but for render? its so slow and i have to wait for couple hours. so the questions is, do everyone here have same problem with me. if so, what is the best solutions for me to render faster with my computer. thank you. have a nice day. sorry for my bad english. its not my native language haha

  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Hey aardianns,

    It depends on the scene, the resolution and the number of samples, among other factors that can impact render times.
    Have you enabled the GPU in the preferences?

    If your GPU is not available here, make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.

    Go to Edit > Preferences and then the System tab, at the top under Cycles Render Devices, you should see your GPU under either CUDA or OptiX, mine is HIP because I have an AMD GPU.


    make sure you have GPU Compute selected as the device.


    My render samples are at 4096, this is probably higher than you need, depending on your scene. Try 1024 or even 512.

  • Omar Domenech replied
    It's true for everyone doing renders that, depending on the scene, there's a lot of waiting to do, renders are computing expensive, so you're not alone on the slow renders. Again it will all depend on your scene, but overall, renders take a while. Your video card is a good one, so no problems there. What people do is they get triple video cards and they make some computer magic to get renders triple as fast. Companies for example have render farms, so they have 10, 20, 50, 100 computers connected to a network and renders just take a second, but that is super expensive. So we mere mortals just have to accept renders times and try to have settings that shave off a second or two, we have to compromise and have lower samples, lean on the denoiser, etc, etc.