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I'm trying to get rid of the artifact/pinching that I'm getting at the corner.

I can only think of 2 topology approaches show in the attached images:

1) (Image 1) Just straight loops, which is not good since it will tighten the vertical edge loop going down the edge

2. (Image 2) The method that makes more since where there's a pole to redirect the topology around the corner, but the issue is that this creates the pinching shown in the third image.

![Photo 1|690x371, 100%](upload://nGEAmPuOAMBzadtgan8t5J9c0G7.jpeg)

![Photo 2|690x370, 100%](upload://x3g8EYz6juvPOgNjQsIcAu1D6Vr.jpeg)

![Photo 3|690x371](upload://a3NNknDz0YNCDTKUtRDiPw8hO4i.jpeg)

Any advise on how to approach this would be appreciated.

Thank you.

  • spikeyxxx replied

    Hi bbaderali ,

    I can't see the images...(is that something on my end?)

  • Omar Domenech(dostovel) replied

    Same here, I can't see the images, just some weird combination of letters that amount to no words. Languages are funny like that, they are sequentially order dependent.