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I'm having difficulty finding tutorials on how to model furniture. There are so many curves, buttons and ornate objects that I don't know how to create. 

I'm posting some reference photos so you understand what I'm talking about.Screenshot_21.jpg





  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Roxana,

    those are not the easiest things to model; a lot can be done with (yes!) Curves:


    There are a lot of tutorilas on YT, I haven't watched them yet, but if you, for instance, start here, you might get a lot of relevant ones suggested:

  • Omar Domenech replied

    Yeah those ornaments are one of the hardest things to model, they're tricky and tedious. People mix all kinds of techniques to make them, but I think one thing is for sure, you can say goodbye to perfect topology with those. Cheat, cheat a lot, use Ngons, triangles, break all the rules.

  • Roxana Moise-Dan(ox) replied

    Thanks, guys!

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