Strange shading issues

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I tried to correct the strange shading issue but to no avail. I didnt notice during the process that there was a bad geometry of that mesh when I was following the teacher. There is a boxcutter inset modifier on that mesh if you look in the list. Can I correct this issue?

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Can you expand on that explanation? What exactly is that you are having trouble with? What's the issue and where is it?

  • maxcady replied

    If you put the normal over 15%, there will be issues with the shading. But if it's low enough, it will be fine, but you can see the lines.


  • Omar Domenech replied

    Oh that's fine, no issue there, it's just the usual non smooth faceting of flat shading. Looks like your angle sweet spot is 15, your angles there have that value.

  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Hey Max,

    It also looks like you have 'Cavity' enabled, which adds a highlight to ridges and valleys.


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  • maxcady replied

    Thx Omar.

    Ho Adrian! I totally forgot. Not used to make Cavity active. Now I will remember. thx