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is there a way to move that face along the red arrows? I'm trying to build some kind of ramp and the end that I've selected is too long and I want to shorten it a bit. The thing is, every transform orientation I choose won't line up with the arrows that I drew. Is this something possible? I find myself in this situation a lot and what I do is I use global orientation and tweak it to match what I need. I'm just curious if there's a better way. Thanks.


  • Omar Domenech replied

    Yes, there is. JL runs into this problem several times during the PotHead course. You can watch this lessons so you can see how it can be solved, at around the 17:50 mark:

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  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Sure thing, Roxana,

    If none of the Transform Orientations fits your needs, you can make your own; Select an Edge or Face or so, that lies correctly and click the + 


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  • Roxana Moise-Dan(ox) replied


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