Completely new to digital art! Any Tips?

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Hi, I decided I wanted to try learning Blender. One day I would like to pursue a career 3D modeling! So I thought I would try to learn Blender.

  • Omar Domenech replied

    The number one tip is always practice, practice, practice. It's going to be hard at times so have grit, always be willing to try again because you wont notice, but every time you try again, you gain a bit more experience points until you level up. There is no fanfare music or visible skill tree, but you will be getting better nonetheless.  

    Also when you turn on your computer, your brain will want to go to the time wasting things, so always always always, first thing you do when you turn on your computer is open Blender and CG Cookie. In fact, have them open automatically and make CG Cookie your default page when you open up your browser, it's just some of the ways to battle the virus we all have called procrastination. 

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  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    The number one tip ☝Omar said it☝

    The number two tip is always practice, practice, practice.

    I would also advise limit your YouTube viewing and subscriptions to Blender videos. Maybe go further and avoid YouTube and other social media to prevent procrastination. Only go to YouTube tutorials and search for specific Blender topics you wish to learn, avoid all the other fluff that may come up on your feed.

    The morale of this story...
    Avoid distraction, practice daily even if its only half an hour.

    And one more thing...
    Look at everything in the real world as if it was a 3d model, imagine how you would model everyday objects and visualize the topology flow.
    You do this, and you can truly call yourself a 3d nerd.

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  • Maritza Diaz(maritzadiaz77) replied

    Thank you both so much for these helpful tips! Procrastination is the thing that I am most worried about. It's only been a little while that I have been learning blender, but I have managed to learn something new and am making sure that it is the first thing I see when I start my computer. I try to take my time learning the lessons and then practicing on my own for a bit. That's been helping a lot. Distraction- that's a big one, definitely trying to avoid social media and youtube. Also, definitley following that last tip as well about visualizing the real world as if it was a 3D model. I think that's incredibly helpful tip to visualize the topology flow. Sharing these with my buddies who are also starting out!

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  • Secresteyn replied

    HI, sorry if I am late to the discussion but I thought I'd share a few things I learned over time incase anybody else stumbles upon this thread.

    How is your learning journey going?

    just to add to the great tips already suggested, I would also suggest the following steps to action:

    Plan your learning journey and practice managing your time.

    Be prepared to fail and accept that you will not be satisfied with your first attempt. Remember why you are taking your First steps on the road.

    Make sure you are having fun and Don't be afraid to ask for help!

    When first starting to learn a new skill, especially something as wide ranging as CG it is very important to have a clear outline of what you want to learn.

    One of the most exciting buf also frustrating aspects of learning as a beginner is that there is just SO MUCH cool stuff to learn. It can be incredibly exciting but also overwhelming and disheartening as you realise just how vast a subject CG art is.

    I often struggled with a lack of focus and scope creep whenever I tried to learn something new. This often led to feelings of frustration. I would stop and start on things constantly as a result.

    Stick to curated courses and small projects appropriate for your skill level.

    As you complete projects, take what you have learned and practice the lessons independently.

    Use the down time between projects to reflect on where you feel confident and where you are still uncertain.

    Try out a few different course formats and teachers to find a teaching style that suits your needs.

    Take notes as you go and get in the habit of generating progress snapshots so you can clearly see your growth over time.

    I wish you luck on your learning journey and hope to see you sharing some work with us soon!

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  • Aisnley Hayes(ainsleyhayes) replied

    HI, sorry if I am late to the discussion but I thought I'd share a few things I learned over time incase anybody else stumbles upon this thread. 
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