Unable to Recalculate Normals

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So every time I try to recalculate normals, I get no result. I'm in Edit Mode, I select everything I press ALT+N, nothing happens. I also tried SHIFT+N and SHIFT+CTRL+N.

I saw someone on the internet mentioning that I should go to Sculpt Mode then Face Sets option & Face Sets from Visible and then come back to EM & then press ALT+N. That worked on another project, but I've tried with 2 different ones and I'm not able to recalculate normals anymore. I must be doing something wrong. 

I would appreciate your help.

  • Omar Domenech replied

    Can you provide a screenshot? Maybe even the blend file? All of that should work, I've never had problems with recalculating normals. Sometimes there's this or that face that wont go off red, so I just Alt N and flip it manually.

  • Roxana Moise-Dan(ox) replied

    Yes, it should be a simple operation. Here's the file

  • Omar Domenech replied

    Oh ok, it's entirely flat. You can just select everything, ALT + N and flip.

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  • Roxana Moise-Dan(ox) replied

    THank you!

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Don't select everything, select one red (incorrect Normal) Face and then Select Similar > Normal:


    Then you'll have only all the red Faces Selected and you can use ALT+N > Flip.

    Thanks to blanchsb for this tip! 

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  • Roxana Moise-Dan(ox) replied


  • Shawn Blanch(blanchsb) replied

    Such a handy menu (select similar and by trait)

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