Introduction to Retopology still relevant?

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Is Introduction to Retopology the best course to follow Fundamentals of Mesh Modeling if I want to dig more into and understand topology issues?  Or is there a newer course that covers this topic well?

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Eric,

    YES! It is certainly still relevant!

    I'd say it's almost a must.

    After that you can do the:

    That also has some valuable Topology information.

    Topology is a very broad topic, learn as much as you can and practice a lot!

    The good news is, you can watch 'ancient' (re-)topology tutorials and they will still be as relevant as they were when released.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    The options you have to toggle for retopology have been moved here and there over the years, you may not find things where you see them in the videos, yet even so there truly is relevant knowledge in those old tutorials since concepts haven't changed. 

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  • Eric George(XTremeDaddy) replied

    That's great - I was hoping it was mostly conceptual (considering the topic) and I don't mind seeing old tools.  I just need to start understanding topology theory better so I know how to make good models.

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