Low Poly Car FILE Crashes

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I am doing the course cubicity right now but for a change I did the low poly car. All of a sudden I can not open the car file any more. Blender crashes. I can not even append the file into a new project... when I touch a face it crashes.

the reason why I mentioned the cubicity course is because I downloaded (due to GEO node issues) again 3.3LTS. Could this interact with it? That 3.3 and 3.4 doesn't want to be installed at the same time??? guess not.

It started with adding materials. I did another slot for the windows and that was when everything started...


this is a Link with the file. Only about 1MB big.

I updated the drivers, I can not open it in 3.3 nor in 3.4

I hope someone can help me.

thank you

 just fond out that I can append everything, also the body but going to edit mode kolls blender. might this broken mesh be the reason?


  • tanya (tanya53) replied

    Hi, I don't know if this will help,  when I opened it in 3.31 it did just what you said.  I then opened it in 3.12. and could edit it, then saved it to another file and then I could open and edit in 3.31 save it and reopen and use it in 3.31.   Those are the only two versions of blender I have.  I have learned the hard way to frequently save versions of a file. so I can go back to a previous one.  If you didn't save one see if there is one in the recover --> auto save.   Good luck it is a fun class.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Yeah I got into the habit of saving in incremental versions because of situations like this. I'm often freaked out when I have a lot done and I see it all lives in just one file. I'm like if this file for some reason crashes and never opens again, I'm toasted.

    Same thing happens to me with your file, it crashes the second it opens.

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Martin,

    I can open the file in 3.2.2, 3.3.2 and 3.4.1.

    This appears to have been made in 3.4, as it uses a Node that doesn't exist in 3.3 yet (at least not in this form):


    In 3.3:


    maybe that causes the crash?

    The Mesh has one misplaced Vertex and a few holes; nothing that would cause Blender to crash in my opinion.

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    You know how bugs are, tiny and bothersome. It's normal I'd say, part of being made of zero's and one's. There's always going to be bugs. There's even in reality, in our universe and in us humans. Like for example, why when going down the stairs to get something, midway I forget what was it that I wanted to get downstairs? Why does the name of that thing doesn't come to my head when I want it to? Why does that thing I misplaced turns up when I'm not looking for it and no long need it? Why does a better offer always appears after I have committed to the lame one? 

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  • mastart replied

    Thanks guys

    Weird behavior I've had here. When selecting faces, other faces would disappear ....

    What I finally did was importing everything into a new file (append) and then selected the body of the car and did "convert to mesh" this was the solution, also deleted the other side and added a new mirror mod.

    Never had that before. it's uncanny the things i've accused....

    Thanks to everyone for helping me, great crowd out there.

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    I have a suspicion that it has to do with 3.4...that seems to be a problematic version, with some weird buggy behavior..also quite a few people reported more crashes than usual....

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