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I hit F12 for a model and it rendered it inot a image. Great. But I modified the mesh afterward and I hit F12 to see the new result. The image was still the same before changing the mesh. I think it has to do with slots.

My goal is to see the new result but I can't find how.

  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Hey Max!

    Usually the previous render will be overwritten with the new render if you don't change the slot first.

    You can change the slot number when in the renderer result window.
    After you hit F12, do you see the slot number on the right of the header? Click the dropdown arrow and select another slot.
    If you can't see the header, its probably hidden. On Top right you should see a small arrow pointing down, click it to see the header.
    Or you can use the number keys above the keyboard to select a slot number or use J to cycle through the next slot, and ALT+J to cycle to previous slot.

    Or you may have pressed F11 (view render) by accident.

    If none of the above, check your preferences.
    Edit > Preferences > Interface, under Editors click Temporary Editors to see the options, What do you have selected in the Render In slot?
    Try changing it to something different, (anything but Keep User Interface), this option won't display the render anywhere.

    Hope this helps!
    If not can you share some screen shots of your render settings, output settings and render result, along with any more info that maybe useful.

  • maxcady replied


    I found out that it was the new render and not the old one. The reason is because the render result is not the same as the viewport in render mode. A piece seems different. It's just strange. You can see it for yourself. I just submitted the Sci-fi motocycle to pass a test. I have the blend file and the picture. It's the seat part behind.

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