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I am really new to blender, and vfx in general and I was insprired by the human portrait project to join.  I guess i  am wonderng how is a realistic human portrait used in the vfx industry?  what is the purpose of making such a model? 

can the finish head and body be rigged for movement? if so, what context besides video games are they used in. 

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  • wardred replied

    My thoughts on your other question thread:

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    I'd say for lots of people maybe there is no actual purpose, sometime we just want to make cool stuff. And if realistic characters, human figures, realistic renders of people are your thing, then you just go for it and have some fun. 

    A realistic CG model is of great use in the VFX industry, I'd say is the holy grail. Everyone is trying to get pass the uncanny valley. Everyone has seen how movies are 99% CGI these days, so a skillful artist that knows how to make realistic humans is highly sought after. 

    And yes, of course, models can be rigged for movement, it's essential for animation. Here's the Fundamentals of Rigging course. You should definitely watch that one when you feel comfortable with the whole 3D pipeline:

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