I would possibly like to work for Ubisoft or Electronic arts. Both are in Montreal and I live in Montreal.

They use Blender, yes, but the main program they use most often is 3D max. I'm curious to know if 3D max is compicated compared to Blender. I think that 3D is 3D but it's just the interface that change.

If I become good with Blender, will I be good on 3D max?

Is there an option to export your keybinding from Blender into 3D max and also transform the interface like as if it was Blender, for Blender users. I think you can do that with Maya... 

What do you think of all that?

  • Omar Domenech replied

    Yes, yes and yes. If you're good at Blender you're good at any software, but that's an over simplification in my opinion, because you don't become good on the software, you become good at the craft. That's why no matter the software you change to, they all speak the same language, it's all basically the same, only names of tools may vary or where they are at in the unit interface, what's important is that you make good art with those tools.

    So don't look at it as learning Blender or 3DS Max, the programs are not the ones producing the art, it's the artist. A pencil in the hands of an illustrator is a useful tool for art, but a pencil in the hands of a chef is not a very useful at all. When you can make awesome guitar solos, you know how to play the guitar, but most importantly your a great musician. You as a musician, your skills are transferable between instruments. When you're a good carpenter it's not because of only the hammer. So Blender is just a tool, one of many, it's not like you're terrible at Blender and you suddenly grab 3DS Max and you're awesome. Worry about learning the craft. 

    On a different note, you mention you live in Montreal. There's a person we know here on CG Cookie that his home country was Ukraine, he had to flee because of recent events, he lost everything. He escaped to Poland and now lives in Montreal. But he is having a hard time adapting. The entire COLLAB2021 was based on his artwork, his name is Vadim. 


    If you're on the CG Cookie Discord, maybe you can add him as a friend. Who knows, maybe you can make a change showing him the Montreal ropes. 

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